Producer Farm

Technology has become a major ally of agribusiness
also from the gateway inside. Today, the farm producer
is the countryside entrepreneur and expert in solutions
which come to increase productivity and facilitate
negotiations with the cooperatives.

To assist the entrepreneurial farmer, management systems allow
access to databases on production, weather, visits, crop indicators,
planning and other activities for a more assertive and safe
decision-making of the property in real time.


Producer Software

The software helps the cooperative member manage their property in a simple and professional way, increasing the profitability of their business.


The cooperative member can manage direct and indirect costs of the crop, manage time and define strategies to increase its revenues with information about its production.


In an efficient and safe way, the solution supports the producer in his decisions:

Financial Controls



Inventory control

Crop control

Occurrence of occurrences

Direct and indirect costs of the operation

Historical information

Producer Report

Integration with agribusiness

The solution provides the control and management of the various activities, associated with agriculture, poultry, swine, fish farming and dairy cattle.

Extract from the farm producer

Real-Time Business Transaction Query

In order to have access to various information about their business transactions with the cooperative, the rural producer, requires the the printing of different reports. To facilitate the visualization and access to your data, the Online Producer Statement allows real-time consultation by application on a mobile platform:

Producer Report

Statement of Income Tax

Milk report

Grain packing list

Report of invoices

Integrated with the software of the producer, the Online Producer’s Statement also makes it possible to automate processes of their processes with the cooperative.


Remote Sensing

The application of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept has proved to be an ally of agribusiness. This advancement, under concepts of cloud computing and data storage (Big Data), enables greater agility in the transmission of information in the field.

ntelligent sensors, developed for the remote and online monitoring of information, are able to capture the behavior of animals not only in poultry, swine, fish farming, but also  in dairy cattle.

The solution enables the diagnosis of potential problems, or deviations of ongoing waste in production, for real-time corrections, improving productivity and profitability in farms.


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Specialized Solutions  in optimizing day-to-day operations

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